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Planning a trip to Manitoba? Your trip wouldn’t be complete without seeing the capital of Manitoba. Check out the top attractive places you can’t miss out in the city beautiful, Winnipeg. Considered as the gateway to the west, Manitoba is the transportation hub with a diverse economy. There are many options to enjoy, Your eyes can’t miss out on the beautiful museums and active cultural life. Scroll the best places to visit in Winnipeg based on visitor’s numbers. 

Places to visit in Winnipeg

Okay! Let’s start with the cool places in Winnipeg that will make your trip more interesting. Feeling excited!

Let’s jump to the list and get to know more about Winnipeg.

The Manitoba Museum (Best Places to Visit In Winnipeg)

The Manitoba Museum is one of the largest museums in Winnipeg. The presentation of local and regional history makes it worthwhile for adults and just need to spare 4 hours or more to explore the place. Don’t forget to climb on board and explore the hardships of heroic souls.

 Highlights Of Museum

  • 95-million-year-old Pliosaur fossil
  • The human and natural history of the province
  •  Interactive Science Gallery 
  •  A 17th-century replica ketch sailing ship
  •  The planetarium that reflects the night sky on the domed screen

Winnipeg Art Gallery

Dated back to 1992, the Winnipeg art gallery is one of the oldest civic galleries in the country. Possessed with 25000 pieces, shows the eye-catching art of various artists all around the country.


  • A unique triangular rooftop sculpture garden
  • Hosts events
  • Shaped like the bow of a ship
  • The largest collection of contemporary Inuit art

Fort Whyte Alive

Known for five lakes, bog boardwalks, and grassy parklands, Fort Whyte alive is a perfect beauty waiting to welcome you. Feel the wind blowing and peaceful nature. People mostly come here for cycling or to attend the events.

Highlights Of This Place

  • Located in the heart of Manitoba’s capital city
  • Home to an aquarium and nature exhibits
  • Activities like fishing, snowshoeing, ice skating, skiing, and tobogganing

Corydon Avenue (Best Places to Visit In Winnipeg)

Let’s enjoy some time with friends and family in this beautiful place. Don’t miss out on the latest trends and a wide range of cuisines. If you love live concerts you are definitely going to love this place on Friday and Saturday nights.


  • Bustling tree-lined street
  • Eight large metal figures on display
  • Outdoor patios in summer

Canadian museum for human rights

If you are visiting Winnipeg, you can’t miss out on this spectacular building that reflects human rights in Canada and around the world. You will find a different concept of presenting human rights.


  • Shining like a beacon
  • Collection of 10 crore galleries
  •  Learn about Indigenous perspectives on rights

Assiniboine Park and Zoo

Spread over 445 hectares, Assiniboine park and zoo is an English garden with grassy lawns, mature trees, and cultural facilities. Creatures of northern latitudes are especially emphasized. You will find various animals from different continents all around the world.


  • Journey to Churchill experience
  • Landscapes of Churchill
  • Exotic species such as the Siberian tiger and red kangaroo

The Royal Canadian Mint

What’s more exciting than checking out the eye-catching buildings? The Royal Canadian mint has a reflective glassy exterior and is a sight to catch the view at sundown, glowing under the sky.


  • $600,000 gold bar In this building
  • An absolute architectural gem
  • The building sits alongside the water

Thermëa by Nordik Spa-Nature

Wait! It’s time to relax for some time! What’s better than Thermea by Nordik Spa-nature. It is one of the best and cool places to visit in Winnipeg. There are thermal pools that will let your stress out. Get the best massage and therapies to relax your body from indoor and outdoor activities.


  • Fine dining
  • Body treatments and massage therapy

The Exchange District

Let’s go back to the 1880s with this beautiful place and check out the national historic site with cut stone buildings used to contain banks and warehouses. More recently, the Exchange District has seen a revival with the bank, and business premises being converted into fashion boutiques, up-market shops, old warehouses, art galleries, and restaurants.


  • Unofficial heart of the area
  • Shows City’s cultural life

The city of dreams, Winnipeg is the land of old and new. Its old culture is seen in buildings and museums and the new is the modernization and development. It’s truly the best place to visit in Manitoba. One must explore the place to know more about rich culture and heritage! There are many places to explore in Winnipeg, Hope this will help you to pick the best place.


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