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Manitoba is on par with territories, such as British Columbia and Alberta, as a Canadian immigration destination. Located in the centre of Canada, the province of the Prairie is the country’s fifth most populated province and home to some world-class cities with rich cultural roots and heritage. The top five reasons why you should consider immigrating to Manitoba are discussed here:

Manitoba provincial program

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is the most common way to immigrate to Manitoba. International students, skilled staff and entrepreneurs from all over the world will call Manitoba their new home under this scheme. The Manitoba Provincial Candidate Program is the best choice for you to look into, whether you are looking for higher education or involved in technical or business immigration!

Through this scheme, you can not only enjoy good jobs and business prospects, but you can also apply for permanent residency in Canada!

Career opportunities if you immigrate to Manitoba

Manitoba is home to some of the world’s oldest and most prominent universities, including the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg, which were established in 1877 and 1871. Completing degrees from such prestigious colleges will open countless doors for you to begin your career!

In addition, under the Manitoba Provincial Candidate Scheme, eligible immigrants are still welcome to apply, as the province is continually on the lookout for skilled workers capable of solving local labour shortages. There is a rising number of jobs being generated with a rapidly growing economy. Local workers are unable to satisfy business demands, and in Manitoba, as a result, professional immigrants are still in high demand!

Cost of living

Manitoba has one of the country’s most competitive costs of living. The capital city of Winnipeg is Canada ‘s third most economical city, and the cost of living is cheaper than 83% of all North American cities!


Being Manitoba ‘s capital, Winnipeg has numerous options for housing, industry, education and entertainment. Housing rates are among the lowest in the country, and the balance between work and life is better than anywhere else in Canada. The beautiful city boasts the Shared Trail of the Red River, which holds the Guinness World Record for being the world’s longest natural frozen skating trail. You can also participate in activities like the Festival du Voyageur, a week-long winter festival celebrating the history and heritage of Canada, and visit Churchill, which is the crème de la crème of places where the Northern Lights can be experienced!


Manitoba is among the world’s most culturally enriched areas. People belonging to many cultures live in peace together, and more than 200 languages are spoken all over the province. The people of Manitoba love to participate in a lively art scene at the Manitoba Museum, or a riveting play at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre. With the exquisite culinary fare Manitoba has to offer, you can also delight your taste buds, gaze at the architectural structures that look like they came straight from the Renaissance, and even get a taste of Icelandic culture and festivals from the descendants of Icelanders who made their way back in the 1800s to Manitoba!

High quality of life if you Immigrate to Manitoba

It goes without saying that, with its outstanding quality of life, Canada as a whole is well recognised. You will be left with extra funds to put aside for your children’s university tuition or simply save up for a rainy day with advantages such as free universal healthcare as well as primary and secondary education.

You are eligible for a Manitoba Health Card with permanent residency, which you will have to provide when you visit your GP (General Practitioner) or if you need to be admitted to the hospital. It is important to remember that not all benefits are provided, but additional health coverage is offered by most employers.

Outdoors adventures

Far-flung journeys await you outside the borders of the city for those wishing to avoid the bright lights. There’s no shortage of places in Manitoba to experience nature at its finest. Nopiming Provincial Park is a good place to start for those who love the roughing-it style of adventure and is fittingly known in Anishinabe as the “entrance to the wilderness” with large expanses of water and boreal forests as far as the eyes can see. Riding Mountain National Park provides the glamping-style experience of hikes and trails that are as simple or as tough as the endurance would allow for those who would prefer a gentler introduction to the outdoors.


For centuries, indigenous and Métis culture has been central to the Manitoban way of life, and a deeper understanding of and appreciation of its impact has made it even more significant. Lower Fort Garry gives tourists an immersive experience that brings them back in time to around the 1850s, when Manitoba’s fur trade was king. At Bannock Point and Tie Creek, the petroforms of the Whiteshell are sacred places for Indigenous people. These stones, which represent animal and human shapes, were laid down as acts of worship and are some 2,000 years old.


Manitoba has a strong art scene that appeals to individuals from all walks of life. Whether it’s for a casual walk through the galleries of the Manitoba Museum, or sitting at the edge of your seat during a riveting Royal MTC match, or the gravity-defying moves of a RWB ballerina, there’s no shortage of opportunities to stimulate the senses, no matter your choice. Manitoba may also assert one of the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s most comprehensive Inuit art collections in North America. With the Children’s Museum and the MTYP playing to their imaginations, children are not left out of the cultural mix either.

Delicious cuisine

To appreciate a culinary masterpiece when it comes your way, you don’t have to be a foodie, but it sure doesn’t hurt. Not only are there many designer restaurants and eateries in Manitoba, we also have some of the best chefs in Canada, and dare we say that in the world? Prairie Firehouse gastro pub and dining phenomenon in Brandon, from pop-up restaurants on ice to the Wheat City fire-station-turned. Then there’s the rustic charm offered so warmly by Lazy Bear Café, not to mention its menu of wild, local ingredients. The never-ending tapas of Segovia are all the rage, while all year round, Lakehouse Lounge offers excellent food and great service.

Without a doubt, Manitoba is a magical place full of opportunities. Immigrating to this picturesque region will encourage you to reshape your future for the better and change your life!


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