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One just cannot control oneself from hogging on to some delicious cuisines in Manitoba. The city is known to offer the best food with pip smacking taste.

The last decade has ushered in an influx of Peg’s chef-driven restaurants that could comfortably go toe-to-toe with some of the most celebrated eateries in Vancouver or Toronto. Some chefs experiment with methods of cooking and ingredients from around the world, while others emphasise the culinary history and local bounty of the area itself.

Explore The Best Restaurants In Winnipeg

Let us have a look at some of the best restaurants in Manitoba and give them a try for their mind-boggling menu.

Segovia (Best Restaurants In Winnipeg)

Since its first opening in 2009, Segovia has gained continuous praise, with its innovative take on Spanish tapas recently making it the first Manitoba restaurant to win a spot in the top 50 of the 100 best restaurant list in Canada.

  • This intimate tapas bar was one of the forerunners of the evolving culinary scene in Winnipeg, and it shows no signs of slowing down nine years on.
  • From patatas bravas and salt cod and chorizo paella to beef tartare and chocolate torte, get yourself nibbling on everything.

Address: 484 Stradbrook Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3L 0J9, Canada

Phone: +1 204-477-6500

Feast bistro

Feast Bistro & Cafe is one of the few restaurants specialising in First Nations cuisine in not only Winnipeg but all of Canada. Combined with its welcoming, inclusive culture, the restaurant’s modern approach to this conventional style of cooking has made it a well-loved neighbourhood centre.

  • To taste the under-represented indigenous cuisine of Canada.
  • Offering bannock fry bread packed with hearty fillings such as grass-fed bison chili or maple chipotle chicken, the Indian tacos are popular among regulars.

 Address: 587 Ellice Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3B 1Z7, Canada

Phone: +1 204-691-5979

Boon Burger (Best Restaurants In Winnipeg)

To attract fans in a meat-loving town like Winnipeg, Boon’s vegan burgers need to be pretty darn delicious. The eatery’s made-from-scratch patties are formed, baked and grilled in-house with ingredients such as brown rice, black beans and chickpeas, and served on whole wheat buns filled with an assortment of tasty topping choices. Get one flavoured with sea salt and sesame seeds with a side of oven-baked fries.

  • This meat-free burger joint has made innovative toppings a success with carnivores and vegans alike, so it’s an especially good place for anyone with a family of fussy dieters.
  • Plus, it’s pretty laid back, so turn up and hang out and chow down.

Address: 399 Elizabeth St, Burlington, ON L7R 0A4, Canada

Phone: +1 905-632-2666

Deer almond

Chef Mandel Hitzer has a knack for turning strange, unusual variations of ingredients into something magical, such as nori fried potato salad or beet gnocchi Arctic char. The menu of small plates is inspired by regions ranging from Japan to the southern United States and the recipes are ever-changing, so you and your dining companions will always have something different to try.

Address: 85 Princess St, Winnipeg, MB R3B 1K4, Canada

Phone: +1 204-504-8562

Falafel place (Best Restaurants In Winnipeg)

Falafel Place may have changed places a few times over the decades, but since 1986, Winnipegers have relied on their signature breakfast to start their mornings.

  • For over 30 years, this low-key Mediterranean restaurant has been a Winnipeg icon.
  • Make sure to say hello to owner Ami Hassan, an ever-visible presence who when they’re through to make room for more, is affectionately infamous for rushing diners out

Address: 1101 Corydon Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3M 0Y8, Canada

Phone: +1 204-489-5811

Marion Street

Set in the Marion Hotel, the cute and comfortable interior of the Marion One of the best restaurants in Winnipeg, Street Eatery is a natural fit for its menu of classic comfort food. Go here for lunch and brunch in leisurely comfort. Try the sweet cinnamon bannock for breakfast, while the mac and cheese that comes sprinkled with a crunchy pretzel coating should be your go-to at lunch.

  • The restaurant’s signature Caesar, with the inclusion of steak seasoning, HP sauce, and an oyster garnish, brings Canada’s favorite cocktail up a notch.


Stylish interior decor and artful plating make both the eye and the palate love Enoteca. If you’re hunting for the most Instagram able restaurant in Winnipeg, this is it. The interior of Enoteca is elegant and sophisticated, with handsome wooden tables and lots of natural light for taking pictures of the beautifully plated dishes of Chef Scott Bagshaw.

  • The menu of mini- and medium-sized plates in the restaurant defies genres.
  • Expect an eclectic, revolving repertoire of dishes, plus an exceptional.

King Bannatyne

With swift counter service and a pared-down menu of fewer than a dozen pieces, King + Bannatyne keeps it simple. Slow-roasted meat sandwiches are the raison d’être of the eatery, served between slices of fresh bread, with the menu featuring flavourful fillings such as sweet roast pork belly or house-brined beef brisket.

  • There is usually at least one vegetarian option, along with sandwiches and sides featured daily.
  •   Saving space for the salt-roasted caramel maize that you are going to enjoy as a snack.

Address: 100 King St Unit D, Winnipeg, MB R3B 0P6, Canada

Phone: +1 204-691-9757

Brazen hall kitchen

The setting for Brazen Hall’s house-brewed beers and open gastropub menu is a cool, industrial-style space. Hop-heads of all stripes will find plenty to love, with brews on tap ranging from the easy-drinking Steel Cut Blonde Ale to the citrusy Gokstad IPA.

  • Beer also weaves its way into the food menu, mixed into dishes such as short stout-braised ribs and sriracha hop salt topped with edamame.

Address: 800 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R3M 2M7, Canada

Phone: +1 204-453-7980

VJ’s Drive-in

VJ’s spelling choices, founded in 1958, maybe dubious, but its burgers get top grades. A limited selection of fast-food favourites such as cheese dogs and crispy fries provides this takeout spot, but the must-try order is the VJ Special, a sloppy but oh-so-good burger topped with chilli sauce.

  • Indulge in this Winnipeg fast-food favorite with a piled-high sandwich.
  • The only seating choice is outdoor picnic tables, but that doesn’t stop the Winnipegers from lining up for these burgers regardless of the temperature.

 Address: 170 Main St, Winnipeg, MB R3C 3P1, Canada

Phone: +1 204-943-2655


Now, as you are exploring the city, you can’t miss out the best cuisines in Manitoba. Here is the list of top 10 restaurants in Manitoba that one must try if you are planning a visit to the city. Do share your experience in the comment box! 


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