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Hello Chionophile!!! Looking for the winter season, you might love snow and maybe you are eagerly waiting to bundle up your snow outfits. If you are not one of them, like mad for winters, you haven’t found the right activity yet. Let’s forget about the cold and enjoy the most exciting spots which will make your love with this beautiful place, Manitoba. Check out the things to do in Manitoba during winter. Browse the best things to experience in Winnipeg during winter.

Things to experience in Winnipeg during winters

This winter is going to be more interesting, Scroll the best activities now!

Winter Campaigning in Provincial Forests

Let’s spend wintry afternoon and evening with dogsledding opportunities. Try out more adventurous activities at the toboggan hill. These activities can be experienced in Assiniboine park and enjoy watching polar bears and many other animals there.

Let’s play Crockicurl (One of the best things to experience in Winnipeg)

Want to Hop the snow and give a try to a board game on snow? Sounds interesting! If you like it go and jump into the Crockicurl, it is one of the best activities in Manitoba to experience during winter. It is one of the important games in the Manitoba cottage industry. Hey! Make sure you don’t get addicted to it.

The Winnipeg ice Climbing tower

Looking for a tower to climb? If yes, THe ice climbing tower will be the perfect choice for you. This amazing 20 feet crystallized tower will make your workout as you have to use legs and if you are doing this activity for the first you might get tired. 

Get a look at Polar bears in Assiniboine Park

Assiniboine Park Zoo has various species including wolves, snowy owls, harbor seals, and muskoxen. Manitoba is famous polar bears and if you get a chance to click a photo with [polar bears, what’s crazier than that.

Magical Eye Castles

If you a looking for ane ye catching castles, Magical eye castles are the best option for you! There is a magical fountain just before you enter that will blow your mind and you will get more excited for exploring more things inside. Most importantly kids love clicking pictures with the polar bears that hide in the icy walls. Slides that will make kids happy and adults too might love that!

Hockey Tournament

Now as we all know hockey is the favorite sport of Canadians and everyone should visit Minnedosa once on a trip. Don’t forget to register a team for this well-oiled community event.

Symphony on Ice

If you want a chill and relax for some time, this place is definitely perfect. Let’s enjoy music and winter at the same place. Listening to Symphony on ice will make your vacations much better.

Downtown Winnipeg (Best Things to Experience In Winnipeg)

Hey foodies! Don’t miss the walk to downtown Winnipeg, you will love everything here. From breakfast to dinner everything tastes amazing.

These amazing places will help you love the winter season. Spend some quality time with your family and friends. Don’t forget to share your experience in the comment box and if you have other options as well, we will love to hear!


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